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In medical ethics, the line between right and wrong is often blurred. Who is to decide what is for the good of humanity?

Changing the world. One person at a time…

That is the mission statement of Tethys Hospital, run by Dr. Bill Gilchrist and his deformed sister, Abra. VG723, their revolutionary stem-cell-based therapy, appears to be capable of doing just that for the cancer patients who come to Tethys. VG723 is often their last hope. But if they match the protocol, they’re virtually guaranteed a cure.

Dr. Sheila Takamura, a young, dedicated oncologist, is proud to be involved in the clinical trials. Once the FDA approves it for widespread use, VG723 will revolutionize cancer therapy. That is why she’s alarmed when former patients return with bizarre syndromes. Yes, they’re cancer free, but they’re experiencing dramatic changes in their hair and skin and general appearance. When she investigates a possible link to the protocol, those patients start dying. As the body count grows, Sheila finds her own life in danger. She comes to suspect there might be a literal meaning behind the Tethys motto – but can she learn the truth in time to save herself and millions of others?

THE PROTEUS CURE is available from Amazon.


“Paul Wilson and Tracy Carbone have penned a winner. The suspense is razor sharp and the characters masterfully drawn. Paul Wilson is at the top of the game, and Tracy Carbone is a welcome addition to the genre. You’ll love The Proteus Cure.” – Michael Palmer, NY Times best selling author of Political Suicide

“Wilson is one of the masters of the medical thriller.” – Larry King
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F. PAUL WILSON is the award-winning, NY Times bestselling author
of nearly fifty books and many short stories spanning horror, adventure,
medical thrillers, science fiction, and virtually everything between. More
than nine million copies of his books are in print in the US and his
work has been translated into twenty-four foreign languages. He also has
written for the stage, screen, and interactive media. His latest thrillers,
NIGHTWORLD and COLD CITY, feature his urban mercenary,
Repairman Jack. Paul resides at the REAL Jersey Shore.

TRACY L. CARBONE is a Massachusetts native who sets most of her
work in the fictional town of Bradfield. She was nominated for the Bram
Stoker Award for her editing work on Epitaphs: A Journal of the New
England Horror Writers. The PROTEUS CURE is her fourth published
book, with previous titles including a Young Adult science fiction novel, a
suspense thriller, and a collection of horror and literary dark stories. Her
short stories have been published in several magazines and anthologies
in the U.S. and Canada. Her medical thriller HOPE HOUSE will be
released by Shadowridge Press the summer of 2013.

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