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When several people involved in bidding for an oil refinery are murdered, the situation becomes far more than a billion-dollar business deal.

A self-made woman in the oil industry, Lynn Dayton fights to save lives when escalating attacks reveal a hired assassin’s plan to disrupt oil trade, wreck world economies, and draw another global power into dangerous confrontation with the United States.

Are the killers rogue civil servants challenging the Cherokees’ financial independence, Sansei operatives again wreaking violence, or sinister investors swapping the bidding war for a real one?

Lynn Dayton and Cherokee tribal executive Jesse Drum must learn to trust each other so they can find and stop the killers. Can sobering up really be fatal? How have so many of the deaths been made to appear accidental? Who’s creating weapons with modern poisons and ancient Cherokee arts?


“STRIKE PRICE takes the reader from Oklahoma Indian reservations to the streets of Florence, in an imaginative and well informed fusion of oil refining economics, Native American politics, and the potential for lethal mayhem in the global energy market — with a couple of interesting twists along the way.”

— Michael Ennis, author of THE MALICE OF FORTUNE

“If you’re looking for big business wheeling-and dealing, international intrigue, murder, mayhem and high-geared action, you’ve come to the right place. Toss in a charming and nervy protagonist like Lynn Dayton and L.A. Starks’ STRIKE PRICE is right on the money. Well-written, well-plotted and well worth a reader’s time…”

— Carlton Stowers, two-time Edgar winner


L. A. Starks was born in Massachusetts, grew up in Oklahoma, and lives in Texas. She earned a chemical engineering bachelor’s from Tulane University and a finance MBA from University of Chicago.

Working for energy companies from refineries to corporate offices prepared her to write global energy thrillers. STRIKE PRICE is her second book. Her first, 13 DAYS: THE PYTHAGORAS CONSPIRACY, received five-star reviews.

Starks nonfiction has appeared in periodicals and investor website Seeking Alpha. She continues to consult on energy economics. She is treasurer of Friends of the Dallas Public Library, co-authored a US patent, and has run seven half-marathons.

To learn more about L. A. Starks, please visit her website.

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