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Sex, money and rock and roll!

We last met her in NEST OF VIPERS, Linda Davies’ bestselling first thriller about the young city trader turned MI6 agent. Then she was a woman with a host of secrets and a haunted past.

Now, Sarah Jensen is back again, running from a love which was too big to handle, hiding her baby son from the father who does not know he exists. A woman with more at stake than ever, and more to fear.

Short of money, she takes a freelance job, investigation a new client for her old investment bank, only to find that this client is the very man of whom she is most afraid. To protect her child, Sarah Jensen must become again the street fighter she once was. If she can.

Blending high stakes finance, in this case the securitisation of a globally successful musician’s music catalogue, with utterly compelling characters and a terrifying sub plot, Something Wild is a gripping and electrifying thriller.

SOMETHING WILD is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


‘Something Wild is absolutely brilliant. It kept me awake till dawn.’
Penny Vincenzi

Amazon reader reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars a great book, 9 Feb 2012
By bookworm “kpec3” (uk) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Something Wild (Hardcover)
I have read this book quite a few time simply beacuase I love it, even though I know the story well, I still enjoy it, I love the way its is written, its fast pace, great characters and lovely ending for those who are romantics like me, and it deserves 5 stars, I keep looking for linda to write something new please……

Just to note I am an avid reader who loves all sort of books, and is never with one on the go, this has got to be in my top 3 best reads.

4.0 out of 5 stars Something Wild (paperback), March 17, 2013
By Marguerite Evers “Marguerite Evers” (UK) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Something Wild (Paperback)
Linda Davies writes with the two things in mind which really matter to me as a reader: a good story, and eloquent literary style. It is a treat to be able to take a holiday from crude reality in an exciting narrative, while still retaining the satisfaction of complex characters and good imagery.

5.0 out of 5 stars “Follow the money” to the heart of the Mystery, 16 Nov 2003
By “rjmiller33” – See all my reviews
This review is from: Something Wild (Paperback)
Pop music has always had an ambiguous relationship with money. Ever since Elvis music has been regarded as seductive and threatening to the established order – but also as a high road to fame, riches, and the adoration of the opposite sex. In the popular media the pop music business, precisely because it IS popular, enjoys or suffers a degree of exposure that few other industries get. The British tabloid press is more associated with sex than securitisation. What or who could possibly get a bond issue into the headlines? The answer is David Bowie. By some his bond deal in the late 1990’s was regarded as a form of “selling out” – as if icons of his calibre had never been interested in money before! By others the deal was regarded as giving banking a bit of rock and roll glamour. Both viewpoints were somewhat superficial. If you dig deeper there is a much more interesting and enlightening story, as this novel reveals.
Something Wild is mystery set in the music business. The plot hinges on the attempt to set up a “Bowie bond” deal and Linda Davies succeeds in plotting a path through the maze so that the people who would not normally touch the financial pages of a newspaper can appreciate what is involved and the complexities of securing such a deal serve to build up the tension of the plot. The central figures of the story are a charismatic rock star – who comes across as a composite of Bruce Springsteen, John Denver and Robert Redford – an a beautiful banker, Sarah Jensen who will be familiar to readers of Linda Davies’s first novel, Nest of Vipers. During the Watergate scandal in America which brought down President Nixon in 1974, the informant known as “Deep Throat” told investigative reporters to “follow the money” to get to the bottom of the mystery. This is what Something Wild does. By following a fictional Bowie bond deal it sheds new light on the world of rock music.


Linda Davies worked for seven years an as investment banker before escaping to write novels. Her first Novel, Nest of Vipers, has been published in over thirty countries, selling over two million copies. It has also been optioned three times by major Hollywood studios.

Linda has written four more novels for adults which have all been published internationally; Wilderness of Mirrors, Into the Fire, Something Wild and Final Settlement. She describes her books as rip-roaring adventures, set in the world of international finance, narco-trafficking and terrorism, where the heroine gets lots of action and drama as well as the man!

In Spring/summer 2014, Tor Books (Macmillan US) will publish her latest thriller, ARk Storm.

Linda lived in Peru for three years, and in the Middle East for eight years, during which time she was kidnapped by Iranian government forces and held hostage for two weeks in Iran. After UK government intervention, she was freed. She now lives deep in the English countryside.

Linda writes for young Adults too. Her first series, the Djinn Quintet – Sea Djinn, Fire Djinn, Storm Djinn and King of the Djinn (and in time War of the Djinn) – has been optioned by Hollywood producer, Sandy Climan.

As well as writing novels, Linda also writes for The Times, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and the Guardian newspapers in the UK, and the National Theatre. She is a winner of the Philip Geddes Prize for journalism. Linda is married with three children.