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The War of 1812 is long over. The War of 2012 has just begun.

IRONSIDES’ PERIL is the new Zach Colt thriller from award-winning author Michael D. Urban.

The City of Boston is under attack. A trail of burning ships and downed jet aircraft litters the harbor. A ruthless band of Iranian backed terrorists has hijacked U.S.S. Constitution. A former President of the United States, the current Vice President, and the Secretary of the Navy are onboard together with the ship’s crew and other hostages.

Unfortunately for the terrorists, so is Zach Colt. And he’s spoiling for a fight.

Now it’s time to take “Old Ironsides” back. Before she is destroyed and the terrorists’ final, devastating revenge is enacted on the City of Boston.

The question is …. How do you recapture an 18th-Century warship — and sacred American icon — using 21st-Century weapons and tactics?

IRONSIDES’ PERIL  is available from Amazon and Smashwords.


Michael D. Urban was born outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He lives outside Boston.

Ironsides’ Peril is the second installment in a series of thrilling adventures featuring Zach Colt which began with Drake’s Coffin.

Mike has lived and traveled in Central America. He has worked in federal law enforcement and most recently was a trial lawyer in private practice.

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