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Fast-paced, sexy, full of action, vivid, uncommon characters and surprising twists, The Sixteenth Man plays out in two parallel, interwoven stories that come together in an exciting climax on a desolate ledge high above Moab, Utah.

In late 1963, Reno Private Investigator Charlie Callan embarks on a routine domestic surveillance case. When it sends him instead into a labyrinth of deception, mortal danger – and the murder-conspiracy of the last century, Charlie is faced with moral and personal decisions for which there are no right answers.

In present time, in the mountains near Moab, Archaeologist Matthew Packard unearths an ancient tomb containing sixteen male skeletons. Fifteen of them are dramatically older than any human remains ever found in the Americas. But it’s the more recent, anonymous sixteenth skeleton that triggers alarms from D.C. to Langley to New Orleans – plunging Packard into a web of vicious killers and long-hidden secrets. He finds himself falling in love with a beautiful young woman, and to save her life and his own, Packard must solve the mystery of the Sixteenth Man and it’s astonishing connection to the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

THE SIXTEENTH MAN is available from Amazon and Audible.


If many more thrillers this good appear in the books-on-demand format, the world of publishing will be turned upside down – or do I mean right side up?
Jon L. Breen — Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Several words come to mind which easily apply to this novel: blockbuster; a story that absolutely must be made into a film; a tragedy that fits in with the assassination of JFK; a historical mystery; the list goes on and on.
Shelley Glodowski — Midwest Book Review

We have just finished a page turning read that would make a fine thriller of a film, the kind that Oliver Stone prefers. This one is The Sixteenth Man by Thomas B. Sawyer.
John Austin — Hollywood Inside


Novelist, screenwriter, playwright Thomas B. Sawyer was Head Writer/Showrunner of the classic CBS series, MURDER, SHE WROTE, for which he wrote 24 episodes. Edgar and Emmy-nominated, Head Writer/Showrunner or Producer/Story Editor on 15 network TV series. He has written 9 series pilots, 100 episodes, both comedy and drama.

He wrote/directed/produced the feature-film cult comedy, GOSH ALICE GOODBODY. His documentary film, REUNION, was honored by the New York Film Festival, the Rochester and Edinburgh Festivals, and received national theatrical release.

Tom is co-librettist/lyricist of JACK, an opera about John F. Kennedy which, backed by the Shuberts, has been performed to acclaim in the US and Europe.

He is publisher of STORYBASE 2.0 writer’s software. Tom’s book, FICTION WRITING DEMYSTIFIED (also an audiobook), and STORYBASE software are Writer’s Digest Book Club Selections. The best-selling mystery/thriller, THE SIXTEENTH MAN, is his first novel. His latest thriller is the best-selling NO PLACE TO RUN, the first novel to make the case that 9/11 was a conspiracy. He’s taught writing at UCLA, at other colleges and universities, at numerous major writers conferences, and online at Screenwriters University.