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In the grand tradition of unforgettable Cold War spy thrillers, Bill Moody’s THE MAN IN RED SQUARE sends you on an exciting journey into history, politics, and deception as Washington and Moscow jockey to pull off a critical spy exchange in 1980.

When America defector Robert Owens passes a note to his former colleague in Moscow’s Red Square saying he wants to come home, American intelligence is faced with a major dilemma. To ensure they are getting the genuine article and not an impostor, they must find someone who can ask questions only the real Owens can answer. CIA veteran Charles Fox’s search turns up Christopher Storm, a teacher who served with Owens in Vietnam.

Storm accepts the assignment as plans are made to exchange Owens for a Soviet trade official. But Storm isn’t told the whole story. When he meets with Owens, he discovers even more deception and the KGB’s complicated compartmentalization threatens to unravel the entire affair. Storm is forced into a desperate escape plan which may be the only way out.


“The book rings with authenticity and offers rare glimpses into the power struggles each side faces. With fascinating characters like Charles Fox, Christopher Storm, and Mikhail Sokolov, you’re in for suspenseful read that will rivet you to your seat.” — Gayle Lynds, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE BOOK OF SPIES


Jazz drummer Bill Moody is the author of seven novels featuring jazz pianist-sleuth Evan Horne, and the spy novel CZECHMATE: THE SPY WHO PLAYED JAZZ. Moody lives in Northern California, where he continues to perform in the Bay Area and hosts a weekly jazz radio show.

To learn more about Bill, please visit his website.