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The Man is the non-linear telling of a happy family man, his wife and daughter as their dark pasts come back to threaten all that they have and love.

THE MAN is available from Amazon.


Glenn was born and raised in Miami with summers in NC. In 1979, Glenn moved to Los Angeles where he lived and wrote movies/tv for 21 years–including the hit film “Kickboxer,” the series “Walker: Texas Ranger” and “Baywatch,” along with “Assaulted Nuts” on Cinemax and the docudrama feature (which he also co-Produced) “Victor One.”

In 2000, Glenn moved back to his family home in the mountains of North Carolina where he lives with his wife LouAnn and their pets. He writes daily and teaches Screenwriting at Appalachian State University, where he also wrote and directed some 15 videos, several of which won awards.

The Man is Glenn’s fifth published novel after Riverbend, Temptation Key, Rubric, and Versions of the Truth. He also has published two collections of short stories and oe political philosophy (opinion) non-fiction book. He is currently editing four more completed novels.