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Three men’s lives on a knife’s edge…

Shoog Clay: The nation’s winningest inner-city high school football coach resists pressure to move up to the college level because his kids in the Bronx mean everything to him. But more powerful people won’t take no for an answer.

Antwon Meeps: One day Harriet Tubman High School’s star running back is a shoe-in for a college scholarship. The next day he’s accused of a rape he didn’t commit, his life begins unraveling, and he doesn’t know how to stop it.

The Mean: This incognito Greenwich hedge fund manager is so rich he keeps a giant sea creature as his pet. But a risky investment threatens to ruin him, and a stubborn high school football coach holds the key to his redemption. Soon a tragic hanging in the school gymnasium will lay bare a secret force that none of these men understands.

In a “dark pool” marketplace, insatiable Wall Street players have wagered everything on certain real-world outcomes. When fortunes hang in the balance, financiers cloaked in anonymity won’t hesitate to pay off their claims with the blood of others.


J.E. Fishman is a former New York literary agent, Doubleday editor and ghost writer. As an author he delights in keeping readers guessing, laughing and eager to find out what will happen next. He is author of the critically acclaimed thriller PRIMACY (Verbitrage, September 2011) – which KIRKUS called “more fun than a barrel of overgrown monkeys” and PUBLISHERS WEEKLY called “an appealing debut thriller” – and CADAVER BLUES (StoneGate Ink, October 2012), the first book in the “Phuoc Goldberg Fiascos” mystery series. Fishman draws from his publishing experience and real-life adventures when crafting his novels. He has rubbed shoulders with Wall Street executives, decorated cops and America’s mushroom farmers, using all of this material and more to craft unique, accessible fiction. A contributor to the online literary magazine THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN and entrepreneur-in-residence at Acorn Energy (NASDAQ: ACFN), Fishman splits his time between Chadds Ford, Pa., and New York City.

For more information and to learn more about Fishman’s contest, The Cliffhanger Project, please visit his website.

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