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In taut prose reminiscent of Richard Stark’s Parker series comes a tale of two men pitted against one another, and themselves…

Ruthless millionaire Matthew Ryan is a collector. He collects souls. He collects people. In the process, he’s lost the person most precious to him, and he wants her back—whatever the cost.

Owen Curtis grew up in the Dominican Republic, mostly in and around Boca Chica beach. As a young boy he suffered his own loss when his mother was swallowed whole by a vortex of prostitution and drugs. Years later would come a moment that still haunts him, a moment that precipitated his long fall straight into prison.

Amongst a thicket of deceit and violence, and ever-rising danger, the final showdown between these men can only end one way. With one survivor.

**Ennui is a 14,000 word thriller novella**

ENNUI: A THRILLER NOVELLA is available from Amazon.


PRAISE for Phillip Thomas Duck’s thrillers:

“…flows smoothly, with Duck revealing information with near perfect timing.”
–Romantic Times magazine

“A didn’t-see-it-coming twist ends Duck’s lively tale with a flourish.”
–Library Journal


Phillip Thomas Duck straddles the line between two worlds. For paranormal fans, no he isn’t a vampire or werewolf, but instead an accomplished author that has published works with traditional publishers (Harlequin and Simon & Schuster) as well as independently. The author lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.