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Initially published some years back by Bantam Books, CITY WARS is available for the first time now as a Kindle e-book from amazon. In a not-too-distant future, the country’s major cities have evolved into warring city-states, a la Athens and Sparta. Isolated from each other by vast, untamed distances, Chicago and other major cities arm themselves with weapons and paranoia.

When New York seems to launch a rogue attack on Chicago, the city musters its forces to strike back. Meanwhile, an unlikely relationship develops between a government agent and a military strategist charged with heading up the Chicago forces.

CITY WARS  is available from Amazon.


“CITY WARS is a one-of-a-kind, franchise-friendly, big action sci-fi thriller.” — Vince Gerardis, award-winning Executive Producer of HBO’s series GAME OF THRONES


Formerly a Hollywood screenwriter (MY FAVORITE YEAR; WELCOME BACK, KOTTER, etc.), Dennis Palumbo is now a licensed psychotherapist and author of WRITING FROM THE INSIDE OUT (John Wiley). He also blogs regularly for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

His mystery fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, The Strand, Written By and elsewhere, and is collected in FROM CRIME TO CRIME (Tallfellow Press). His debut crime novel, MIRROR IMAGE (Poisoned Pen Press), featured psychologist Daniel Rinaldi, a trauma expert who consults with the Pittsburgh Police. The sequel, FEVER DREAM, is on sale now. The third Rinaldi, NIGHT TERRORS, is due out in May.

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