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Allen Foss, a 22-year-old college senior with a history of tormenting his teachers and pissing off his peers, has found two new targets and marked them for humiliation: goodie-two-shoes classmate Melanie Foster and current professor Diana Darcy, a “cougar” 16 years his senior.

Following Melanie’s downfall and disgrace at a fraternity party, Allen concentrates on getting into Professor Darcy’s good graces — and into her bed. But what he doesn’t know is that the beautiful professor — a Native American Indian who was abandoned by her tribe while still a baby — has an agenda, and a secret, of her own.

Some cougars, it seems, are not meant to be tamed.

CATAMOUNT is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


As a boy, Stephen M. DeBock would entertain (and frighten) the neighborhood children by retelling them stories from E.C. horror comics like The Crypt of Terror. As a middle school teacher, he continued the tradition by reading his students a horror story to initiate the school year. Now retired, he has time to write his own stories.

Steve has written newsletters for both private and non-profit organizations; a flash fiction story for the children’s magazine Spider; articles for American Heritage, AOPA Pilot, and Living Aboard magazines, plus the text for a coffee-table book on one of America’s most-collected living artists: The Art of H. Hargrove.

A print novel, The Pentacle Pendant, was published in 2011 by JournalStone Publishing.

Catamount is his sixth e-publication through Gypsy Shadow.

He and his wife Joy live in Hershey, Pennsylvania.