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BLACK TRAFFIC is a Cold War spy story that takes place in Berlin in the late 1960’s.

Andy Wye, a U.S. Army CID investigator, gets drawn into a clandestine espionage operation because of his black market contacts, which are useful to both CIA and KGB, and they both try to enlist him as a stalking horse. Andy knows they consider him disposable and that the mission is a trap, but he takes the bait. He wants to penetrate a ring of crooked American GI’s, and one of the security services is providing them cover, to supply stolen Army ordnance for a black op codenamed COSSACK. Their interests are at odds, and Andy’s divided loyalties put him on a collision course with the spooks, the dirty GI’s, and the Berlin rackets.

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David Edgerley Gates lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The author of the Placido Geist bounty hunter stories, a series of noir Westerns, he is a past nominee for the Shamus and Edgar awards. He recently completed BLACK TRAFFIC, a Cold War spy novel set in Berlin in the late 1960’s, and is at work on his next book, THE BONE HARVEST, which takes place during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. A former Russian linguist and intelligence analyst in the Air Force, he is a long-time student of spook craft.

His website is