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The second book in “The Black Stiletto” series joins the first entry as an audiobook. It’s 1959 and Judy Cooper, the Black Stiletto, becomes involved in civil rights issues in New York City. When the daughter of her beloved martial arts instructor is kidnapped and held in a Harlem narcotics den, it’s up to the Stiletto to rescue her. In the present, Martin, the Stiletto’s grown son, deals with a blackmail attempt involving his mother. Both past and present converge in a thrilling resolution that will leave readers and listeners craving more.

THE BLACK STILETTO: BLACK & WHITE is available from Amazon.


RAYMOND BENSON is the author of 28 published books. The third book in his “Black Stiletto” series, THE BLACK STILETTO: STARS & STRIPES, will be published in April 2013. Two more entries are scheduled for 2014. He was also the third–and first American–author to be commissioned by the Ian Fleming Estate to continue the James Bond novels between 1996-2002.