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This award-winning 2006 thriller is now available as an audiobook! Diane is a single mom/high school teacher with a dark past. Her thirteen-year-old Marfan-syndrome-afflicted son, David, accidentally discovers his mother’s secret and innocently shares it with his best friend. Suddenly the secret goes public, and the bad guys from whom Diane has been hiding for twenty years now know she’s still alive… and they come after her…

SWEETIE’S DIAMONDS is available from Amazon.


Winner of the Readers Choice Award for Best Thriller of 2006, Love is Murder Conference


RAYMOND BENSON is the author of 28 books. The third book in his “Black Stiletto” series, THE BLACK STILETTO: STARS & STRIPES, will be published in April 2013, followed by two more entries in 2014. He was the third–and first American–author to be commissioned by the Ian Fleming Estate to write continuation James Bond novels between 1996-2002.