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Winner of the Nero Wolfe Award. Nominated for the Edgar, Shamus and Anthony. A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

The Charm of TRUE GRIT! The Thrills of a First-Class Novel of Suspense!

It’s a tale of sunny, smoggy Southern California where a simple case of dognapping quickly escalates into a chain of gruesome homicides. It’s also a thriller starring precocious 14-year-old media child Serendipty Dahlquist and hard-boiled, bourbon-seasoned private eye Leo Bloodworth, the oddest, wildest, and most winning couple in today’s detective fiction.

SLEEPING DOG is available from Amazon, Amazon CA & Amazon UK.



“One of the 100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century.” Independent Mystery Booksellers Association

“Original … considerable charm as well as action … believable characters and elegant writing.” New York Times

“Outclasses, in many ways, the tales of Raymond Chandler, Ross Macdonald and other renowned California mystery writers … A corker entertainment …” Publishers Weekly

“Funny and strong and a joy to read.” Robert H. Parker

“Sensational writing, mordant wit, an intricate crime puzzle, and a duo of private eyes as wonky and offbeat as the mind of Dick Lochte.” Harlan Ellison

“What a tale! Funny, fresh and a winner!” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

“Rollicking and exciting!” Indianapolis News


DICK LOCHTE is the author of a list of popular crime novels including the current Los Angeles-based thriller, Blues in the Night. He is the co-author with the Today Show’s Al Roker, of the Billy Blessing mysteries (latest: The Talk Show Murders). His bimonthly column of crime fiction critiques that ran for nearly a decade in the Los Angeles Times earned him the 2003 Ellen Nehr Award for Excellence in Mystery Reviewing. Lochte, who lives in Southern California with his wife and son, is also an award-winning drama critic and has written screenplays for such actors as Jodie Foster, Martin Sheen and Roger Moore