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A tale of ghosts, madness and other strange happenings

Welcome to the remote mountain hamlet of Winslow, Washington, where all anyone expects is another ordinary summer: Tourists taking the ghost town tour, locals cooling off in Ruby Creek, the carnival in Prospect Park. Nothing unusual. That’s because residents here have always done well at keeping order, keeping secrets and keeping the past buried.

Until now. First, the animals turn strange. Then townsfolk begin losing their minds. And that’s when the ghosts come out to haunt.

When the mysterious plague of madness strikes in July 2010, young Hazel Winslow is stunned as the people she has known all her life become sudden strangers. Her brainsick father, the sheriff, takes to the woods to hunt a creature of his wild imagining. Her boyfriend Sean Adair disappears with his own delusions and guilt. Ghosts storm her grandmother’s neglected mansion. And Hazel—terrified of falling ill and losing her mind too—watches the entire town unravel around her.

Inspired by true events. Set in a small town hidden in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. The Winslow Incident is a modern Gothic tale informed by historical accounts of entire villages gone mad. What really triggered the mass hysteria of the Salem witch trials? Why did the residents of Pont-Saint-Esprit suddenly lose their minds? And how does it feel to be the last sane person in town?

THE WINSLOW INCIDENT is available from Amazon.


A Daphne du Maurier Award Nominee for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense

“Plenty of thrills, chills”—Kirkus Reviews

“A strikingly original idea”—Douglas Preston

“PIQUING OUR CURIOSITY: Thriller – The heroine of Elizabeth Voss’ The Winslow Incident is literally the only sane person left in a town gone mad — even her boyfriend has succumbed to the illness inexplicably sweeping the streets. As the only one in her right mind, she must protect him at all costs or risk losing him forever.”—RT Book Reviews, Forewords: The Books Before the Buzz

On Library Journal’s list of First Novels | Fall Fundamentals—“First novels that promise good reading.”


Elizabeth Voss is the author of The Winslow Incident (Five Star Mystery Series, Gale/Cengage; Harlequin Worldwide Library Suspense.) Her short stories “Hawkin Rhone” and “Treats for Adeline” are available from Cemetery Dance Publications. Elizabeth grew up on a forested island in the Pacific Northwest, a curious place of dilapidated cabins, forgotten graveyards, and creatures prowling the woods. She is a member of the International Thriller Writers and the Horror Writers Association. She lives in Santa Monica with her husband and frequent co-author Peter Tackaberry. Together, they are at work on a second novel. There will be ghosts.