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A sadistic killer has turned Port Sorrow into his personal hunting ground.

Traveling the stripper circuit of small town America, Finn is a female impersonator with a golden voice who never made the big time. His latest stop is Port Sorrow, a rough-and-tumble coastal town on the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula.

In the audience tonight, rookie deputy sheriff Julia Rusk has drawn the short straw and is scanning the rowdy audience for signs of a suspected serial rapist.

A shotgun blast brings these two strangers together as a young stripper bleeds out on stage.

While Julia tries to find the gunman and prove she’s worthy to wear the badge, Finn takes the law into his own hands. Tracking through seedy dockside bars and the hidden world of the homeless, Finn comes to realize just how many lives this killer has touched.
But what neither of them realizes is the killer doesn’t work alone, and not even the police can protect them when he finally shows his face.

PORT OF SORROW is available from Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), and Amazon (CA).


“Think Harlan Coben on speed with a heart breaking compassion that will literally have you biting your nails.” – Ken Bruen, best-selling author of the Jack Taylor series

“A terrific novelist . . . I hope American publishers are taking note!” – Tess Gerritsen, NY Times bestselling author


My debut novel, SWITCH, earned fantastic reviews internationally when it was published in the UK by Bantam in 2009, in translation in Germany by Heyne, and in Canada by Penguin in 2010. In 2011, it was translated into Complex Chinese for Spring International Publishers of Taiwan. And in 2013, into Russian for AST – the largest publisher in Russia. My second novel, No Cry For Help, was published in the UK by Bantam TransWorld in 2010. It was translated and released in Germany by Heyne in 2011. Switch, No Cry For Help, K.A.R.M.A., and Port of Sorrow are self-published in the U.S. on Amazon.