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The real battle for Seattle continues in the sequel to Timothy W. Long’s best selling novel AMONG THE LIVING. AMONG THE DEAD finds the surviving characters from the first volume joining the military to take on the phenomenon known as the deaders.

Seattle is under siege by masses of living dead, and the military struggles to prevent the virus from spreading outside the city.

Kate is tired of sitting around. When she learns that a rescue mission is heading back into the chaos, she jumps at the chance to tag along and put her unique skill set and, more importantly, swords to use.

Lester finds a new way to deal with the situation: ignore reality with drugs. When he manages to find himself threatened, he joins with an unlikely ally to take the fight to the dead.

Meanwhile, Mike makes use of his journalistic skills to find the source of the virus, in the process discovering a way to escape the city. Two mysterious words fuel his mad quest: Lazarus Black.


“Definitely a zombie novel to check out.” – on AMONG THE LIVING

“One of my favorite zombie novels.” – on AMONG THE LIVING

“Very entertaining… this is a Zbook I give 5 stars to…” –Alaskan Book Cafe on AMONG THE LIVING


Timothy W. Long is the author of 4 previous novels including AMONG THE LIVING, BEYOND THE BARRIERS, and the cult hit THE ZOMBIE WILSON DIARIES. He lives in Seattle where he consumes massive amounts of coffee. He lives with his family and three dogs of varying sizes and dispositions.

To learn more about Timothy, please visit his website.

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