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One by one they were being stalked, the gentle women who left the church. Each of them accused of defiling the Seventh Sacrament, their sacred oath of marriage to Christ. They died slowly, horribly. With a last prayer on the lips and Betrayed written in their own blood, both an accusation and the only clue to the murderer’s identity. Tough, young New York public defender and ex-police detective, Brian Asch wanted the killings stopped and his falsely accused client freed. But the police and the church were engaging in a cover-up. Now time was running out. The killer had found his next victim…the lovely ex-nun, Zena, the woman Brian Asch now desperately loved.

THE SEVENTH SACRAMENT is available from Amazon.


” Powerful…Suspenseful…Bizarre and chilling.” West Coast Review of Books.

The Seventh Sacrament is an Edgar Award Nominated Novel.


Ron Cutler is an Edgar nominee and prize winning author of 11 novels. His critically acclaimed screenplays include the classic, WILLIE DYNAMITE, BLOOD RED and ARTICLE 99. He has been an attorney, commercial artist and teacher. He lives in California with his wife Ruth, a psychotherapist.

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