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Following the events of Bram Stoker’s DRACULA, Professor Abraham Van Helsing checks himself into Jack Seward’s Purfleet Asylum suffering from violent recurring fantasies stemming from his confrontation with the count’s vampiric brides. Upon his release he volunteers to bear the remains and personal effects of Quincey Morris back to the Morris family ranch in Texas.

Van Helsing finds Quincey’s brother Cole embroiled in an escalating land dispute with an outfit of Norwegian cattle ranchers led by the enigmatic Sig Skoll. When people start turning up viciously murdered, Van Helsing suspects a preternatural culprit. Is a shapechanger loose on the Texas Plains or is a murderous cult of wolf worshippers responsible? Have the delusions of his previously disordered mind returned? The professor must decide soon, for the life of Skoll’s beautiful new bride may hang in the balance…


Edward M. Erdelac is the author of the acclaimed Merkabah Rider series from Damnation Books, and Buff Tea from Texas Review Press. His work has been featured in several anthologies including DEADCORE (Comet Press), DANSE MACABRE (EDGE Publishing), FADING LIGHT (Angelic Knight Press), and CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY (Damnation Books), as well as two forthcoming anthologies from Chaosium. He wrote the definitive story on boxing in a galaxy far far away for Lucasfilm’s Born in Indiana, raised in Chicago, he lives in the LA area with his wife and a bona fide slew of kids and cats.

To learn more about Edward, please visit his website.