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Omega Airlines Boeing 737 blows a tire on takeoff from New York’s LaGuardia Airport and crashes into Flushing Bay. The Captain and ten people are killed; the First Officer and fifty-eight injured.

His divorce imminent, Omega Airlines Pilot Instructor Kyle Masters is brought in to assist the NTSB’s accident investigation. He and NTSB Investigator Lori Almond discover someone had played a role in the accident.

Determined to absolve the crew and the airline of full responsibility for the disaster, Kyle uses his operational knowledge – and healthy dose of humor. With Lori’s expertise in accident investigations, the duo close in on their target, putting their lives, and Kyle’s family’s, in danger.

THE COVER-UP is available from Amazon.


“The Cover-Up is an action-packed book filled with a diverse cast of personalities and a storyline woven so thoughtfully, your head will ache from whiplash and still, you won’t be able to put it down until you determine whodunit.” Pam Godwin, author of DEAD OF EVE


Dana Griffin has been flying professionally for over twenty-five years, the last fifteen for a major U.S. airline. He loves the complexity of aviation, and the joy of looking down on this beautiful planet.

Right up with his love of flying, is his passion for books. He enjoys thrillers the most, but adores almost any other genre if the story sucks him immersing him into the scenes, the characters are fascinating and their interactions realistic, and the plot complicated. Authors that throw humor into the story naturally will keep him buying their books. Since he’s always played what Stephen King calls, “let’s pretend,” it was natural for him to consider penning the next great American novel.

He put off writing for one reason or another throughout his life. When middle age set in, he decided to pursue this passion. He’d rather go through life trying to achieve his dreams then sit on the sidelines watching them pass by him.

He lives in Kentucky with his wife, and two dogs. When not flying or writing, he loves to travel in their fifth wheel camper, hike, ski, jet-ski, and build furniture.