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Three bombs explode in Manhattan. The targets: a church, a synagogue, and a deli.

On the surface, there is no ready explanation for the bomber’s objectives, but when Casey Shenk, an analyst for the private geopolitical consulting firm Intelligence Watch Group discovers an altered report from the Congressional Research Service, he begins to put the pieces together. A murdered Government employee, the rantings of a presidential candidate, and a Senate resolution to take the People’s Mujahideen of Iran off of the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations all point to something sinister at work inside the Washington power structure. With the help of a New York Police Department detective and the other analysts at IWG, Casey works to uncover the truth behind a network of conspiracy that is operating outside the law, where the ends always justify the means…no matter how many people die.

THE COMPLICITY DOCTRINE is available from Amazon.


“Frick’s knowledge of the Middle Eastern geopolitical labyrinth is astounding.”
— (from review of Frick’s first novel, OPEN SOURCE)


An active duty Naval Officer, ship driver by trade, Matthew M. Frick has lived overseas and traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and Europe. A prolific writer and author of several published articles and conference papers about the Middle East and maritime piracy, his writings have been referenced in journals, theses, and other media in over five different countries; including India, Russia, and Iran (translated into Farsi and located on the official Majlis website). A native of Stone Mountain, Georgia, he currently resides near Washington, D.C., with his wife, two children, and a blue tick hound.