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An impossible promise…a remarkable discovery…a decision on behalf of mankind…

A cross between Jurassic Park and The Da Vinci Code, Swimming Monkeys is a coming-of-age thriller that examines the on-going struggle between science and religion.

Ryan Webster is a seventeen-year-old swimmer who despises his father, protects his mother and barely keeps gas in his truck. When he’s summoned to a Miami hospice by his dying grandfather, a renowned zoologist and founder of the world’s most famous primate park, he learns of a remarkable species of monkey kept secret by the Webster men since their discovery in 1926, the year after the Scopes Monkey Trial. He’s told their extermination is imminent, and he’s the only one who can find their rainforest, save the monkeys from man’s encroachment and decide if the world is now ready for their revelation.

As Ryan follows his grandfather’s clues to California and beyond, he’s tracked by a relentless mercenary, targeted by a radical Christian society and hunted by the world’s most famous atheist. Aided by his Iraqi War veteran turned surfer-dude uncle, Ryan discovers the monkeys can do much more than swim, and he learns their revelation will shock evolutionist and rock the foundation of the Bible. Now, his only hope to stay alive is to save the monkeys and live up to his promise to the greatest man he ever knew—and in the process become the man he’s not ready to be.

SWIMMING MONKEYS  is available from Amazon and the author’s website.


“I absolutely cannot believe how stunning this book is! From the very first paragraph, I was sucked into a different world, consumed with the already building suspense and mystery.”

“I was very pleasantly surprised with how much I liked the story. It is a fast-moving cliffhanger that I found very difficult to put down.”

“Fascinating book about a new species that could disrupt mankind’s thinking about evolution and religion. Wonderfully written novel that held my interest from beginning to end.”

“I was actually surprised that I liked it as much as I did. I usually like more graphic books. But I can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy.”

“This fast-paced action will undoubtedly make for an excellent screen-play. Looking forward to Swimming Monkeys: Revelation and Swimming Monkeys: Exodus, the next parts of Hadden’s trilogy.”


Steve Hadden is the author of The Sunset Conspiracy, Genetic Imperfections and The Swimming Monkeys Trilogy. Steve tackles the world’s most controversial topics in his powerful and entertaining thrillers. He is a member of the International Thriller Writers. Steve was born in Ohio and lives in Texas with his wife, CJ, and their two Labrador retrievers, Emma and Abby. Look for his upcoming novels, Swimming Monkeys-Revelation and Swimming Monkeys- Exodus, coming soon. Visit his website at