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When a young sound engineer scores a job recording rock icon Billy Moon’s new album at Echo Lake Studios, it looks like a chance to rise above slave wages and build a life with the girl he loves. But Jake Campbel is finding it hard to concentrate, holed up in a haunted church with a paranoid rock star and a producer who just might be the Devil incarnate.

Billy Moon’s claim that he sold his soul to his producer is the kind of thing Jake would ordinarily dismiss as the ravings of a burnt out artist, but when the ghost of a woman hanged for witchcraft reaches out with messages played on the piano, and whispered into a microphone, Jake can’t help but trust his ears. And those messages are beckoning Billy to a black pool in the winter woods.

Jake isn’t ready to believe that producer Trevor Rail is the Devil, but he has a growing suspicion that Rail may be plotting Billy’s death to provoke platinum sales. And if the ghost can’t save Billy, Jake may be the only one who can.


“A beautifully crafted book that puts a unique spin on the classic tale of Robert Johnson and the crossroads. In the first few pages, Douglas Wynne grabs hold and never lets go. You can’t miss with this fantastic debut.”
-Brett J. Talley, author of Bram Stoker Award™ finalist THAT WHICH SHOULD NOT BE and THE VOID.

“A novel that lives and breathes, a novel with music for the heart and a worn-out rocker for the soul… Doug delivers the quiet, atmospheric horror that pervades the story with the deft touch of an experienced writer.”
-Joseph Nassise, bestselling author of the TEMPLAR CHRONICLES and the GREAT UNDEAD WAR series.


Douglas Wynne is no stranger to dark places; he honed his storytelling craft as a frontman in basements and bars during Boston’s 90′s‐era underground rock scene. Originally from Long Island, he attended Berklee College of Music, followed by a stint as a recording engineer in Woodstock, New York before returning to Massachusetts, where he currently resides with his wife and son. THE DEVIL OF ECHO LAKE is his first novel.

To learn more about Douglas, please visit his website.

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