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When a new and potentially planet-killing contagion is discovered, Moon Shadow, an isolated resort town located in Alaska’s primitive and rugged interior, becomes the focus of a military-style incursion.

Major Pepper, who is in charge of the operation, has the local residents rounded up into a razor-wire inclosed quarantine. Because of the danger of a potential pandemic, they are to be transferred to a more prison-like underground quarantine.

Two of the residents, Trevor, a young physician, and Jodie, an Earth Project environmentalist, are not having any of this obvious violation of human rights. They escape and are hunted down like fugitives with the full arsenal of the US Army at the Major’s disposal. The two have to use a zip line to escape a three-story-burning lodge. When they seek refuge in an abandoned gold mine, the entrance is caved in by a missile strike.

The two fugitives do manage to find a way out of the mine and try to make their way back to civilization and safety by floating down river on a rubber raft. While fighting for their lives against nature and the deranged Major Pepper, the two begin to fall in love with each other. They discover they have more to live for then exposing the Major for his treachery and his murder of innocent civilians for the greater good.

MOON SHADOW is available from Amazon.


“Great Thriller With A Twist At The End..” #bookreview #newrelease MOON SHADOW #kindle

“It has a lot of action and there is a love story.” #bookreview #newrelease MOON SHADOW #kindle

“It…reminded me of novels I have read by…Michael Crichton.” #bookreview #newrelease MOON SHADOW #kindle

“The fight for survival kept me on the edge of my seat.” #bookreview #newrelease MOON SHADOW #kindle

“Great read and I highly recommend it.” #bookreview #newrelease MOON SHADOW  #kindle

“Moon Shadow by Reggie Ridgeway is what I would consider “mainstream” horror.” #bookreview MOON SHADOW #kindle

“The story delivers a nice pace and has enough subtle twists that keep you engaged.” #newrelease MOON SHADOW #thriller

“The central protagonists–Trevor and Jodie– are likable and have a very “normal person” quality about them.”

“A good story that delivers enough action while introducing a bit of bio-horror to keep things moving and interesting.”


Reggie Ridgway has worked in the diagnostic field of the medical field since he was 19 years old. He earned a BS degree from National University in Computer Science. He is a Vietnam War vet and likes to bring all of his vast experiences into his writing. He is married and lives in the hills above Lake Isabella in Southern California. He likes to golf, tennis, hike, boat and fish. He has a bunch of great grand kids and 4 daughters and a son. His greatest thrill comes from writing.

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