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On an afternoon in early February, the neighborhood is stunned and horrified when the lifeless body of an eight-year-old boy is discovered abandoned on the roof of an apartment building. Murdered.

The body has been mysteriously mutilated.

No clues, no witnesses, no apparent reason.

When a second murdered boy is found two days later in the same condition, Homicide Detectives Samson, Vota and Murphy of Brooklyn’s 61st Precinct fear that the two boys were victims of the same killer.

The novel tracks the day to day work and private lives of the detectives and the methodical hunt for the killer.

A killer who believes he is following a mandate from God and is handing out Old Testament retribution to those he identifies as responsible for his torment.

The novel comes to a furious and dramatic conclusion as all of these lives intersect and collide on the turbulent streets of Gravesend.


J.L. Abramo’s GRAVESEND raises the bar for gritty police procedurals in this fast paced thriller. The action never stops as Brooklyn Detective Lieutenant Samson juggles mob wars, murders and mayhem during a search for a biblically obsessed killer. ~Bill Moody, Author of CZECHMATE: THE SPY WHO PLAYED JAZZ


J. L. Abramo was born in Brooklyn on Raymond Chandler’s fifty-ninth birthday. Abramo earned a BA in Sociology at the City College of New York and a Masters in Social Psychology at the University of Cincinnati.

Abramo is the author of “Catching Water in a Net” (2001), winner of the St. Martin’s Press/Private Eye Writers of America prize for Best First Private Eye Novel; and the subsequent Jake Diamond mysteries CLUTCHING AT STRAWS and COUNTING TO INFINITY.

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