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Baltimore City, the United Major States: Senator Cutter (“The Prophet”), follower of Protestant Reformer Martin Luther, founder of an Evangelical Christian church and a Presidential candidate, orders the release of a weaponized virus onto a city street.

Boston, the Outlands: biogeneticist, Meara Flannagan, cures an SIV infected Rhesus monkey with a biotherapy that rewrites DNA in minutes. When her Corp reassigns the drug to her nemesis, Meara steals the formula and flees to the outlaw territories. Sebastian Gates is a saxophone player and hired gun ordered to hunt her. Success is assured until he realizes the job comes with complications. Complications like an attraction to Meara and evasion of a laser-toting assassin who can look like Jackie Onassis one day and Jackie Chan the next.

The Senator, Meara and Sebastian are on a collision course— unwitting players in a zero sum game where China and India will destroy anything and anyone in their path to possess what remains of the former United States. Meara and Sebastian are the only hope— for each other and for their country.

DEATH ON A THIN HORSE is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


“Powerful writing that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” –T.C. Archer, author of Chain Reaction


Candice has authored a wide variety of creative and nonfiction works. More recently she has expanded her creative works to include fiction. Death on a Thin Horse is her debut thriller. Other current publications include the Small Business Rocket Fuel series.

She is also an accomplished poet and essayist. She is published in The Allegheny Review, The Lyon Review, and Pegasus among others. She is a recipient of the Ida F. Snell Poetry Prize and a Pen Works Honorable Mention for Creative Nonfiction.

Candice is also biotech consultant and professional medical writer. She holds a PhD in Anatomy and Neurobiology and an MBA in general business management with a focus on strategy and innovation. Her current passion is technology commercialization.