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“You’re delusional,” Willy said. “You have no idea what you’re talking about. Spiritual my ass.”

I didn’t respond. I was thinking about how many emotions a person can cram into one sentence.

“My world is ugly, but at least it’s real,” he went on, hard-nosed as ever. “The spiritual world is a load of crap.”

Willi Mizrachi an Israeli arm-dealer is murdered in Delhi. Dotan Naor, private eye, is landing in Delhi only to discover that an innocent bet done a year earlier had gulfed the Himalaya’s with terror against Israelies.

This is an journey into a nightmare of every Israeli – the fear of terror and kidnapping. The plot combines two opposing ends: terror and spirituality. In the middle there is an exceptional love story


Yigal Zur is an Israeli writer. He started with prose, then wrote travel books and guides to China and India. He later turned to thrillers.

Zur also has his own travel TV show on Israeli television.