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Twins. Left orphaned, and abandoned. And with a burning desire to wreak vengeance on the world.

After British special forces accidentally kill their parents in the Sudan, Samira and Yasin Omer are adopted by a wealthy Filipino businessman. They are raised in a world of luxury and privilege. But when the Asian economic crisis plunges their country into chaos, Yasin decides that this time he will retaliate.

He conceives of a terrible plan: one that will shake the world, and leave thousands dead.

Only two people can stop him.

One is a man whose life he saved.

The other is his twin sister.

In deadly race against time, both must choose between their ties to Yasin – and their duty to prevent an atrocity that will plunge the world into chaos.

ABSOLUTE MEASURES is available from Amazon.


ABSOLUTE MEASURES is a heart-pounding, high-concept, prophetic thriller that draws on Humphrey Hawksley’s years of experiences as an Asian correspondent for the BBC to tell a powerful story of family, terrorism, and global politics.

“The second thriller from the author of Ceremony on Innocence draws on his experience as a BBC correspondent to produce a novel of considerable power.” – The Times.

Humphrey Hawksley’s writing has been widely praised.

“Takes the thriller in important new directions” – Craig Thomas

“Provocative and topical” – Daily Telegraph

“Ominous and insightful” – Stephen Coonts

“Realistic and gripping” – Chris Patten


Humphrey Hawksley has been a BBC correspondent specialising in Asia for many years, and has reported from troublespots such as Kosovo and Iraq. In the 19980s he was in India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka – from where he was expelled while covering the Tamil war. From 1990 he was based in Hong Kong and in 1994 moved to Beijing to open the BBC’s first television bureau in China.