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It’s actually a 42-page, 10,000-word craft-of-fiction e-booklet, WRITING A KILLER THRILLER – AN EDITOR’S GUIDE TO WRITING POWERFUL FICTION, which has only been out a month and has already received 12 reviews, 11 of them 5-star reviews (and one 4-star review).

Are you an aspiring suspense-fiction writer? Or maybe you’ve already published a thriller, suspense-mystery or romantic suspense, or even several, but want to continue honing your craft to create an even tighter, more suspenseful, riveting page-turner.

My 40-page, 10,000-word e-booklet, WRITING A KILLER THRILLER – An Editor’s Guide to Writing Powerful Fiction, is chock-full of tips for picking up the pace of your novel, building tension and conflict, and adding suspense and intrigue, to turn it into a real nail-biter. And it’s only $0.99 on for your Kindle or on PDF from my website.

WRITING A KILLER THRILLER is available from Amazon, and as a pdf from the author’s website.


See Jodie’s blog post:

Here’s what thriller writer DP Lyle, MD has to say about my articles published on his blog, The Writer’s Forensics Blog on the craft of writing fiction, especially thrillers:

“When it comes to fiction techniques, Jodie Renner knows her stuff. She’s the real deal.”
– D.P. Lyle, MD, Macavity Award-winning and Edgar Award-nominated author of many nonfiction and fiction books

Writing a Killer Thriller has only been out a month, and already has 11 5-star reviews. Here are some excerpts from those reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars – For every thriller author serious about perfecting their craft: this one’s a must-read., July 5, 2012
“With years of experience as a professional editor to many successful authors, Renner knows what it takes to write a good thriller, and she lays it all out here in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand manner. From building excitement and suspense on every page, to adding tension and conflict to each chapter, this book is packed with information you simply can’t afford to miss if you want to gain that ever-elusive competitive edge in the world of fiction.”
– Andrew E. Kaufman, #1 bestselling author of The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted and While the Savage Sleeps

5.0 out of 5 stars -A Killer Reference for All Writers – Concise, precise, great price!, August 5, 2012
Writing a Killer Thriller (An Editor’s Guide to Writing Powerful Fiction) (Kindle Edition)
As a writer with one published novel, I am still learning, and constantly referring to my stash of books about the craft. There are many of them, of varying quality, and most are not designed for easy reference. So I was delighted to find that WRITING A KILLER THRILLER, by experienced freelance editor Jodie Renner, has filled a niche. It is brief, with lists and just enough narrative to remind you of the key elements you should focus on in writing a thriller novel. It uses other excellent reference sources which themselves are worthwhile buying. I would suggest that many of the principles Jodie lists are relevant for other genres, too – tension, conflict, snappy dialogue, characterisation are all essential in any great novel. On that basis I would recommend this resource to all writers. I’ve printed out my copy, because I prefer having it on my desk. Jodie’s e-booklet is concise, precise and a great price! Can’t wait for the next volume in the series.
– Ian Walkley, author of the action thriller, NO REMORSE.

5.0 out of 5 stars – Excellent Writing Advice, July 21, 2012
“Jodie Renner is a terrific editor, one that I trusted with my last three novels. And her advice columns are so good, I print and save them all. For thriller authors, this will be the best money you ever spend.”
– L.J. Sellers, bestselling author of provocative mysteries & thrillers, including the Detective Jackson series and The Gauntlet Assassin.

5.0 out of 5 stars So you want to write a thriller…, July 24, 2012
“…there is no question a satisfying thriller must contain certain elements. Jodie Renner has de-mystified the process of thriller-writing with WRITING A KILLER THRILLER. This little booklet is packed full of information which is not just useful, but critical to the success of any thriller writer, whether just starting out or a veteran of many books.
“WRITING A KILLER THRILLER proceeds logically, starting out with what might seem obvious at first glance but really is not – explaining the difference between a mystery and a thriller. The booklet then addresses issues critical to the success of your thriller, like the importance of conflict, how to heighten suspense, and techniques to use which will keep readers compulsively turning the pages.
“I’ve worked with Jodie in the past, she helped me transform THE LONELY MILE from a good book to a “gripping and unnerving” Amazon bestseller, and I look forward to working with her again. But if you want to avail yourself of the knowledge of one of the best freelance thriller editors in the business, you couldn’t ask for a better deal than WRITING A KILLER THRILLER, especially for such short money.”
– Allan Leverone, bestselling thriller and horror writer.

5.0 out of 5 stars – Great resource!, July 20, 2012
“Jodie Renner’s WRITING A KILLER THRILLER is an absolute must-have for anyone even thinking about writing a thriller. Jodie has a gift for spotting what makes a thriller work and relaying that message in a very succinct and relatable way. Her e-booklet will help keep your prose tight while making sure that you never forget the essentials for making a thriller hum–tension, conflict, and suspense. Not only does she explain how to work these key elements into your writing, but she makes their necessity easy to understand by explaining why they’re so critical to a successful thriller.
It’s an e-booklet that’s easy and quick to read and should serve as a handy go-to guide for all phases of the writing process and a constant reminder of what it is a thriller is trying to accomplish–grab your readers and not let them go until the ride is over. There’s no question that she knows her stuff and has a tremendous knack for effectively sharing that knowledge with all who aspire to have their own writing reach that “can’t put it down” status.”
– Stephen Schreckinger, NYC

“…I just downloaded Jodie Renner’s Writing a Killer Thriller the other day, and have been taking notes (and making progress!) ever since. With this 40-page “booklet,” Ms. Renner has not only created a direct, no-nonsense “road map” for all the essentials that go into writing tight, clean, thrill-filled fiction, but she has also given us a tiny can’t-put-it-down offering that, most pointedly, gives glimpse into what every writer of thriller fiction should know, and most likely grapples with, in creating fiction that not only shocks…but SELLS. Whether aspiring, or a writer who is a bit more seasoned, this “little” offering is a must-have tutorial for any writer who seeks to be GREAT rather than just good. This will help get you to where you most want to go with your writing….”
– Mark Parker, writer, Boston, MA

5.0 out of 5 stars – KILLER THRILLER – Tips that work, July 21, 2012
“This handy guide by freelance fiction editor Jodie Renner is full of great tips on picking up the pace of your novel and tips for creating a page-turner that has bestseller qualities. I have personally worked with Jodie on short stories and am currently working on my novel with Jodie. The great advice she has given me on how to add tension, conflict, suspense and intrigue is all included in this edition. I look forward to her future e-booklets and working together to streamline my book.”
– Beverly Purdy, psychiatrist and thriller writer, California

5.0 out of 5 stars – Tight, Useful Information, July 6, 2012
“Jodie Renner’s 40-page ebook, WRITING A KILLER THRILLER, is one to keep at hand while you’re writing your next mystery or thriller. Readers of mystery fiction who are curious about the scaffolding that underlies a good mystery plot would also find this of interest.
“…this one is tight, compact, and every page useful. …Renner makes it easier. The writing is short, punchy, and cohesive.
“A series is planned in this format covering all aspects of the craft of fiction. I plan to buy every single one of them.”
– Mar Preston, author of suspense-mysteries No Dice and Rip-Off, and the upcoming Payback, California

5.0 out of 5 stars – Are you writing a thriller? Get this book!, July 6, 2012
“Terrific booklet on best practices for constructing a successful thriller! Author distills her wisdom and that of leading teachers and writers on heightening tension, conflict, and suspense. She also deconstructs effective thrillers to identify the critical elements and building blocks. This is a great concise reference for writers who are working in this genre. I expect to use it again and again!”
– CD Carr, writer, Portland, OR

5.0 out of 5 stars – Indispensible advice for the novice and veteran alike!, July 6, 2012

“Okay, so I can only really speak for the novices (my resumé will prove that), but I can say with conviction that I would never have a chance of getting to the veteran stage without the kind of no-nonsense, practical advice with which Jodie fills these humble pages. The booklet might short and sweet, but that’s the beauty of it! There are heaps of simple, clearly explained rules and credible, real-world examples of the many and varied errors us writers find ourselves committing again and again. Jodie has a knack for finding those little writing issues which we all subconsciously “know” but never seem to manage to put a finger on – then she calls us on it!”
– James Richard Brown, Paris, France


Jodie Renner is a freelance fiction manuscript editor, specializing in thrillers, romantic suspense, mysteries, and other crime fiction. Jodie is a former English teacher and school librarian, with a master’s degree in literature and a lifelong passion for reading, especially fiction. Her editing services range from deep content and stylistic editing to final copyediting, as well as critiquing manuscripts.

Jodie’s articles on writing compelling fiction appear regularly on six different blogs, including The Writer’s Forensics Blog, Crime Fiction Collective, The Thrill Begins, and her own blog. Jodie is a member of International Thriller Writers (ITW) and Sisters in Crime (SinC). For links to Jodie’s published craft articles, visit her website at and click on the tab “Writing Tips.”

When she’s not reading novels or books on writing compelling fiction, Jodie loves combining photography and traveling. She has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East. In fact, Jodie loves traveling so much, she’s thinking of changing her tagline from “Let’s work together to enhance and empower your writing” to “Have laptop, will travel.”