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A police officer and a serial killer search separately for a missing child while running a malevolent labyrinth populated by creatures they never knew existed.

Former prosecutor William Chandler, disgusted with his past inaction, spills the blood of those who victimize children to correct the ills he sees in the world. A self-admitted serial killer and uncomfortable with his actions, Chandler attends the funerals of those whose lives he has taken in an effort to retain a true understanding of the nature of violence.

The carnage left in his wake is investigated by Detective Kate Broadband, who becomes progressively more comfortable with the corpses left by Chandler. Envying the power she sees in him, she pursues Chandler as each search for Maria Verde, a missing eight-year-old girl.

As Chandler and Broadband draw closer to discovering what happened to Maria they are forced to confront The Devourer, an unnatural being trafficking in stolen children.

Where the Dead Fear to Tread is a tale of hard-boiled macabre, bridging numerous genres to reveal a story of horror, crime and revenge.

WHERE THE DEAD FEAR TO TREAD is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and UntreedReads.


“…one of the most disturbing and atmospheric things I’ve read in a long while.”
Dana Fredsti author of Plague Town

” It is exceptionally frightening and creepy, and very well written.”
Famous Monsters of Filmland

“…frantic, horrific, brutal, and without doubt the darkest thing I have read in years. Maybe in my life.”
Marc Nocerino of She Never Slept

“It could be a future movie or video game franchise hit that you can brag about having picked up when it was just a humble indie e-book. Give it a chance and you may be surprised to find out Where the Dead Fear to Tread.”
Ravenous Monster


M.R. Gott is the author of Where the Dead fear to Tread and the forthcoming sequel Where the Damned Fear Redemption. You can visit
M.R. at his website Cutis Anserina at M.R. lives contentedly in central
New Hampshire with his wife, and their two cats and dog. Aside from writing M.R. enjoys strong coffee, dark beer, red wine, and fading light.