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FBI victim specialist Kyle Andrews is heading to snowy Montana to prove to himself, and others, that he can handle the duties of his dream job-to become a special agent. Assigned to a multiple homicide case on federal land in Flathead National Park along with Special Agent Lewis Edwards, Kyle arrives in Kalispell, Montana, the scene of three gruesome murders. Someone-or something-is on the loose on Shadow Mountain.

It is not long before Andrews meets Carrie Daniels, a grieving reporter who is attempting to solve the mystery behind her grandparents’ murder in their lakeside cabin. While Kyle helps Carrie deal with her heartache, both quickly realize that nothing is as it seems. Legends of monsters persist and begin to spread throughout the tiny town, and the bizarre and brutal murders continue. Someone is hiding a secret so toxic that they are willing to kill to protect it.

In this gripping thriller, Kyle and Carrie must embark on an arduous trek into the depths of the forest to uncover the mystery behind the murders. But only time will tell if they will survive long enough to find the answers that have the potential to change their lives forever.

SHADOW DRAGON is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Kobo Books.


Excerpts from science fiction and fantasy author Piers Anthony’s review in his July ’12 newsletter:

I like this novel…this is a novel that needs finding…It is well crafted, well developed, and supremely compelling… It’s a nice interweaving of the elements, with a hint of romance. If you want a story that will keep you nervous until the end, this is the one.


Lance Horton is a member of the SMU Creative Writing Program, The Writer’s League of Texas, Backspace, and an associate member of the International Thriller Writers. In 2007, he was a finalist in the Writer’s League of Texas’s annual manuscript contest for best thriller. Lance resides in Dallas, Texas, where he is at work on his next novel.