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An 80 page e-novella, related to my Charles du Luc historical mystery series set in 17th century Paris. The novella stars Pernelle, a character from the series’ first book, THE RHETORIC OF DEATH.

Readers have kept asking, “But what happens to Pernelle?!” PERNELLE’S ESCAPE is the story of what happens after she leaves Paris, a fugitive and outlawed Protestant in search of her two year old daughter.

PERNELLE’S ESCAPE is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


“A superb historical debut…Rock incorporates details of the political issues of the day into a suspenseful story line.” Publisher’s Weekly, starred review of The Rhetoric of Death

“…Rock’s research is as impeccable as her writing style…a great read.” Mystery Tribune, review of The Eloquence of Blood


I love writing the Charles du Luc books. One reason is that I get to use all the different parts of my past–as professional dancer and choreographer, police officer, professor, actress and playwright. The recent cherry on top of it all came in May, when I had the great honor of speaking about the Charles books in Paris: at The American Library, and at the 450 year old school called Louis le Grand, which is part of the setting of the books.

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