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L.A. SECRET POLICE: Inside the LAPD Elite Spy Network is a New York Times Bestseller. This incredible non-fiction book rips the lid off the LAPD and exposes the reader to its dark underbelly of corruption during the reign of Chief Daryl Gates.

LA cops ruined lives and reputations, inflicted mindless brutality, committed murder and engaged in massive cover-ups. In Los Angeles, police corruption was much more than unmarked envelopes stuffed with cash. It was a total corruption of power. LAPD engaged in massive illegal spying. Its spying targets included politicians, movie stars, professional athletes, news reporters and anyone wielding power or those of interest to Daryl Gates.

It all happened in Los Angeles. See why this book changed the LAPD and is required reading at many universities. As former Assistant United States Attorney Marvin Rudnick said, “Rothmiller was in a position to know. He did very sensitive work.”

L.A. SECRET POLICE is available from Amazon.


Mike Rothmiller spent ten years as a member of the LAPD. He was the youngest officer to hold the duel ranks of detective and sergeant. He spent five years as an undercover detective in the Organized Crime Intelligence Division and after surviving an assassination attempt, he quit the department and became a TV reporter. He’s also served as an executive producer and host of programs airing on ESPN and PBS and he invented the Imagination Zoo toy line. In the corporate world, he directed three divisions of Sony Electronics EMCS-America. He’s worked with Hollywood stars and discussed issues with the President of the United States. He’s co-authored three books, the last being endorsed by Presidents Carter, Bush and Clinton. The three Presidents also wrote forwards which are included in the book.