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This week join ITW Members Dan Mayland, Andrew Kaplan, John Wayne Falbey, Josie Brown, Joseph Amiel and Seana Graham as they discuss Spy Thrillers and the art of blending reality with fiction. Stay tuned!


Dan Mayland has been detained by soldiers in Soviet Czechoslovakia, trekked to remote monasteries in Bhutan and Nepal, explored mosques in Iran and Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, and gone high-altitude mountaineering in Peru and Bolivia. His articles have appeared in the and his debut spy thriller, THE COLONEL’S MISTAKE, will be released by Thomas & Mercer this August.

Josie Brown’s, latest novel is THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN’S HANDBOOK. Her novel, SECRET LIVES OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES, has been optioned by producer Jerry Bruckheimer as a dramatic television series for NBC-TV.

Andrew Kaplan is the bestselling author of the Scorpion novels. A former journalist and war correspondent, he served in both the U.S. Army and the Israeli Army. His novel, DRAGONFIRE, was a Book of the Month Club main selection and his film writing career includes the James Bond classic, GOLDENEYE. Suspense Magazine declared: “[Kaplan] matches the best of Ludlum, and then surpasses it.” Kirkus called his work “ELECTRIFYING … a searing, ultimately satisfying entertainment” and David Morrell stated: “Andrew Kaplan represents a gold standard for thriller writing.”

Seana Graham is a cross-genre writer who has published work in a variety of anthologies and journals. Her most recent story appears in the ‘fairytale crime’ anthology GRIMM TALES. She blames Barry Eisler for piquing her interest in the psychology of spies, D.S. Kane for teaching her the basics of spycraft, and BURN NOTICE for tipping her over the edge. She has the manuscript of an unpublished spy novel waiting in the wings.

Joseph Amiel is an internationally best-selling author, whose novels include STAR TIME, BIRTHRIGHT, DEEDS, HAWKS and A QUESTION OF PROOF. He has also won awards for screenwriting and for his comedy-mystery web series Ain’t That Life. A graduate of Amherst College and Yale Law School, he is married and lives in New York City.

John Wayne Falbey is a modern Renaissance man: attorney, martial artist, real estate developer, triathlete, university professor, competitive cyclist, lecturer, downhill skier, author, and adventurer. He wrote his first novel in his “spare time” as a student at Vanderbilt University School of Law in order to counter the regimentation of law school. His latest novel, SLEEPING DOGS: THE AWAKENING, a techno-political thriller, is the first of a planned trilogy. His next novel, THE QUIXOTICS, a post-Vietnam tale of three young veterans running guns to anti-Castro insurgents in Cuba, is due out on September 15th.

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