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A taut, suspenseful and pulse-pounding psychological thriller with a killer twist.

He’s the family you wish you never had.

When Sean and Maggie win a holiday to Miami it’s an ideal opportunity to forget a death in the family as well as rebuild bridges with their seventeen-year-old daughter Sophie and twelve-year-old son Liam.

But when they meet a stranger who knows more about their collective inner thoughts than they do, they realise their private Facebook and blog entries haven’t just been subscribed to by close friends.

As they become prisoners in their walled holiday villa the stranger teaches them why their family has fallen apart and why they should never have carelessly discarded a computer hard drive five years previously.

The Benefactor is an edge-of-seat suspense thriller, perfect for fans of Harlan Coben, James Patterson and Linwood Barclay. It combines modern technology with classic suspense to create a heart-pounding contemporary thriller.

THE BENEFACTOR is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.


Scott Griffin is a pen-name for a well-known crime writer.

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