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A foreign interest has spent decades and fathomless amounts of money subverting the infrastructure of the United States. They have gained control of the White House, and Congress and the Supreme Court are almost in hand. But their handpicked President has gone off their reservation and they want him killed. The assassination has to look like right wing zealots committed the act. A small but well funded group from the intelligence and military communities and the private sector, who call themselves the “Team”, is attempting to combat this foreign influence.

Main Characters: On the dark side, there is a Russian operative who reports directly to the president of the Russian Federation, a billionaire arbitrager who launders and funnels the funds being used to infiltrate and subvert the critical elements of American society, an amoral, ambitious, and greedy US senator with his roving eye on the presidency, and a mysterious killer named Maksym.

Opposing them is the Team led by a retired intelligence operative who is confined to a wheelchair, a crusty Marine Corps general, and the most dangerous group of human beings on the planet – a former black ops unit known as the Sleeping Dogs. These men are Mother Nature’s beta models of what humans will evolve into in future generations – stronger, faster, smarter. Their original purpose was deemed too politically incorrect by an incoming president. The operation was shut down and an Executive Order was issued for the termination of the members of the unit with extreme prejudice. They learned of it in time to fake their deaths and went underground for almost two decades. Now the Team has called them back into service. The Dogs are out! The world will never be the same.

Storyline: The story details the back and forth struggle between the two groups mentioned above. There are enough twists and turns to keep the reader off balance right up to the dénouement. The final chapter raises the specter that maybe it isn’t over, that there is more to come. Indeed there is. This is the first book in a planned trilogy.

SLEEPING DOGS: THE AWAKENING is available from Amazon, Smashwords and Apple iBooks. You can also read the first five chapters on the author’s website.


“Falbey offers a bold, gritty spy thriller . . . .”
-Kirkus Reviews.

“Thoroughly researched, and fast paced, . . . reads like a novel written by a master craftsman. John Wayne Falbey is going to become a familiar and widely read name in the thriller genre.”
-Suzanne Anderson, author of Mrs. Tuesday Departure


John Wayne Falbey has worn many hats: attorney, martial artist, real estate developer, triathlete, university professor, competitive cyclist, lecturer, downhill skier, author, and adventurer. He has published numerous works of nonfiction on law, real estate development, and finance; but his preference has always been fiction, particularly the thriller genre. He wrote his first such novel in his “spare time” as a student at Vanderbilt University School of Law in order to counter the regimentation of law school. He also holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in business management and is a frequent lecturer, panelist, and moderator in the real estate development industry. This novel, Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening, is the first in a planned trilogy. When not traveling for business or pleasure, he and his wife live in Naples, Florida.

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