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IF GOD DOESN’T SHOW is an apocalyptic novel about a group of survivors who must stop the destruction of all mankind. Thaddeus Archer, an ex-police officer, whose missing daughter holds the key to the mysterious force that threatens to lay waste to our world. It’s a race against time for the broken and desperate and Archer must trust the only man who understands what’s happening, Gibson Blount, an agent of a secret government agency that doesn’t officially exist.

Both men must overcome their differences and personal demons in a world besieged by the re-animated dead, natural disasters, and Cthulhu.


“John Grover and R. Thomas Riley consistently deliver thoughtful tales of terror and the supernatural. Writers whose works build a keen sense of fear and suspense, Grover and Riley tell a well-crafted story with sharp edges and subtle beauty. Definitely recommended!” – Christopher Fulbright, author of OF WOLF AND MAN and THE BONE TREE

“Mix one part Lovecraft, with a liberal sprinkling of demons and a pinch of nuclear holocaust and it creates a true recipe of horrific proportions. Grover and Riley have constructed a human wasteland of such proportion that HP [Lovecraft] himself would grab his head and scream. Come and read the next “Iron Chefs” of horror.” – Scott T. Goudsward, author of TRAILER TRASH and SHADOWS OVER NEW ENGLAND

“Riley and Grover have crafted an excellent thriller that never fails to keep one guessing. Evenly paced and grim, this one doesn’t fail to deliver a kick from the shadows when its least expected. These are two names that a casual reader will ask, what else have they done?” – Steven L. Shrewsbury, author of STRONGER THAN DEATH, HAWG, BAD MAGICK and THRALL.


R. Thomas Riley is an internationally published author (print/digital media) living in the distant lands of North Dakota. THE MONSTER WITHIN IDEA (2009-2011) was published by Hugo Nominated Apex Publications. THE DAY LUFBERRY WON IT ALL was adapted to short film by Frosty Moon Omnimedia in 2010. To learn more about R. Thomas Riley, please visit his website.

John Grover is a dark fiction author residing in Massachusetts. He is the author of several collections, including FEMININE WILES, sixteen tales of wicked women as well as various chapbooks, anthologies, and more.  To learn more about John Grover, please visit his website.