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What would you do to protect your younger sibling?

Would you race out to face your greatest fear?

Especially with a killer coming for you?

APPROACHING MENACE is available from Amazon.


“Readers who enjoy Mary Higgens Clark will welcome this book. Tension mounts as evil lurks insidiously in the shadows, keeping the reader always on edge. Each character is fully realized, and perhaps the most heart-rendering character is the young brother, whose best friend Charley is his dialysis machine. Highly recommended.” ~Reviewer Cindy Penn

“If you like scary stories, this one’s for you!” ~Lisa of Lisa’s Book Reviews

“Any time you add childhood fears and adult dangers, it creates a story worth shaking over. I highly recommend this spine-chilling tale.” ~Reviewer Kim Gaona


For the second year, June Shaw is representing Louisiana on the board of Mystery Writers of America’s Southwest Chapter. Besides suspense, she writes a series of humorous mysteries. Deadly Ink nominated her first book for its David award for Best Mystery of the Year.