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In a throwback to the era of Mike Hammer and Shell Scott, Denver private investigator Bryson Wilde lives in an edgy 1950s world where the women are dangerous, cigarettes dangle from ruby-red lips and the nights are hotter than whiskey-soaked jazz.

So when a curvy young blonde who thinks she may be the target of a killer walks in one morning and asks for his help, he’s not the kind to say no just because things might get a little dicey.

What he foresees is a dangerous but straightforward hunt. What he doesn’t foresee is that he will be swept into a deadly vortex of unimaginable scope where nothing is as it seems and time is running out.


“Set in the early 1950’s, Denver PI Bryson Wilde is first cousin to LA’s Philip Marlowe and New York’s Mike Hammer. So when a curvy young thing brings him an envelope of money and asks for his help in finding a killer, he flicks the butt of his Camel out the open window and starts earning the dough. How could he know just how complicated a maze he was entering. There’s lots of lovely ladies, action, adventure, treasure – all interwoven to produce a heck of a tale that will keep you up reading all night.” –BOOKBITCH


R.J. Jagger is a trial attorney and a novelist.

To learn more, please visit his website.



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