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A chilling suspense that delves into the heart and mind of the innocent, the prey, and the killer. Atmospheric settings, believable characters and unexpected plot twists will keep the reader spellbound. An intriguing and eerie psychological mystery. A story well calculated to keep you in suspense.

THE HAUNTING OF LEIGH MAXWELL is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


“I LOVE it! So filled with atmosphere and intrigue. Great job.” Jo A. Hiestand, author Taylor & Graham mysteries, former president Sisters-in-Crime, St. Louis, MO chapter.

“The author really did a great job of scaring me to death. Couldn’t stop reading.” Teza Lord, artist and author, St. Augustine, Florida


With a background that inclues CBS and MGM, Esther Luttrell went from writing screenplays, to being a mystery writer. “The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell” is her first novel written exclusively for the ebook market. Her other traditionally published books include “Murder in the Movies”, “Invitation to a Murder”, “Dear Dean…Love, Mom” (L&L Dreamspell), “Tools of the ScreenWriting Trade”, “Screen Writers Q & A”, and “Till Death Do Us Part”. She now lives in the Midwest, and speaks across the country at conferences and seminars.

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