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TEN RULES FOR A CALL GIRL is about the initiation of a modern courtesan, and is a prequel to Leotta’s next novel, DISCRETION. It’s equal parts Law & Order and Fifty Shades of Grey. And it’s free (for now)!

TEN RULES FOR A CALL GIRL is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Sony.


“As I understand, the author was a federal prosecutor specializing in sex crimes. So she knows what she’s talking about. The writing came across very solid and real. I connected with Caroline and the dilemma that was running through her head. It was fast paced and you really feel a sense of urgency and danger; Caroline living a secret double life and trying not to get caught. Based on this, I will definitely check out the author’s other works.”
— Reading Good Books Blog


Allison Leotta spent twelve years as a federal prosecutor in Washington, DC, where she specialized in prosecuting sex crimes and domestic violence. Her most recent novel, DISCRETION, comes out this July. #1 bestselling author Douglas Preston said, “DISCRETION is the best legal thriller I’ve read this year, beautifully crafted and frighteningly real.” The Washington Post called Allison’s debut novel, LAW OF ATTRACTION, “a racy legal thriller, taking on a still-taboo subject.” The ABA has named her blog, The Prime Time Crime Review, one of the best legal blogs in America ( Allison is a graduate of the Harvard Law School and Michigan State University.

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