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A drive-by shooting, according to the police report. A random bullet fired on a foggy, pre-dawn morning. But…what did the prairie cowboy know that he wasn’t telling? And what about the eccentric cousin in the sprawling old B&B? What secrets were they keeping? Perhaps the answer lies behind a forbidden blue door in a Kansas City alley…

The story is set in Topeka, Kansas, particularly in historical Potwin where turn-of-the-century mansions line both sides of brick streets. While some of the scenes move into the Westport area of Kansas City, Missouri, it is really a Kansas mystery. Paxico is featured extensively. Tiny as it is, this little pioneer town is known as the Antique Center of America. Very pictureque. Lends itself perfectly to a backdrop for INVITATION TO A MURDER.


With a background that includes CBS and MGM, Esther Luttrell went from writing screenplays to writing mysteries. INVITATION TO A MURDER is the first in a new series, State of the Murder Mysteries. Each new book will be set in a different state, with Topeka, Kansas being the central character’s home base. Esther is the author of MURDER IN THE MOVIES and DEAR DEAN…LOVE, MOM an inspirational novel based on her spiritual experiences following the death of her son. She lives in the Midwest, but travels extensively, speaking at conferences.

To learn more about Esther, please visit her website.

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