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The Village of Eastpoint Long Island is suddenly in turmoil after John Hunter, a celebrity romance columnist resident is murdered. But murder is only the beginning of the town’s troubles. Hunter, an outsider, left dark secrets that have surfaced after the chief of police discovers paintings of Hunter and local women in compromising positions. Hank Reed, the chief of police is torn between his allegiance to protect his beloved town and the honor of his shield. As that balance bends toward justice, the townspeople rise against him, including his wife, who Reed suspects might be Hunter’s killer. As the emotional walls begin to crumble, Reed forges ahead without compromise, risking his job, his wife, and the townspeople he so desperately wants to save from the outside world.

But saving the town requires time, and Reed is quickly running out of it. Someone behind the scenes is pulling the strings for a petition to remove the police chief. If Reed doesn’t find the killers, and soon, who will?

HUNTER’S WORLD is available from Amazon.


Lichtenberg spins a tight and compelling plot, and especially for eager readers of dark detective series, this book is well worth adding to the shelf. –Beth Kanell – Kingdom Books

Lichtenberg provides plenty of action and enough red herrings to keep the reader guessing.
–Mel Jacob – Gumshoe Review

Fred Lichtenberg’s debut novel, Hunter’s World, offers its readers the promise of an entertaining read. Sex, murder, intrigue, and betrayal are the cornerstones for this interesting novel.
–Jacquelyn Gomez – Pynk Lipstick Magazine

Hunter’s World is a well written tale as omissions lead to misunderstandings and in this case homicide. –Harriet Klausner
From the Author


Fred Lichtenberg is a native New Yorker who lives with his wife in Jupiter, Florida. He is the author of Hunter’s World, a murder mystery set on New York’s Long Island, released by Five Star Publishing on May 18,2011.

Double Trouble, Fred’s second novel, will be released June 2012. DT is a suspense thriller that weaves the reader through several backdrops including South Florida, New York, Las Vegas and Mexico.

Fred is the author of 666 Kendall Drive, a horror/humorous short story about a landlord in South Florida.

In addition to writing mystery novels, Fred wrote and produced a one-act play titled The Second Time Around…Again, a comedy about finding love in a nursing home, at the Lake Worth Playhouse. Fred is a member of Mystery Writers of America and the International Thriller Writers.