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Pleasure-seeking vagabond, Caddoc, falls madly in love with a saucy tavern wench. Then she disappears, carried off by the mysterious army of evil creatures known as drakuli, her town burnt to the ground. Now Caddoc, joined by a wise old monk and a cocky demon, must literally travel to Hell and back on his quest for true love.

Filled with horrifying creatures, dark magic, and intense battle scenes, Hellfighter is a fantasy novella any sword & sorcery fan will not want to miss.

HELLFIGHTER is available from Amazon and Smashwords.


“David T. Wilbanks gives us a welcome return to my kind of old-school heroic fantasy. Earthy characters, epic fight scenes and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.” — William Meikle, author of BERSERKER and THE CHRONICLES OF AUGUSTUS SETON

“A page-turning, sword-swinging adventure. Highly recommended.” — Iain Rob Wright, author of ANIMAL KINGDOM

“Remember when fantasy was can’t turn the pages fast enough fun? David T. Wilbanks does. Wilbanks takes you by the throat, kicks it into overdrive and delivers the goods with HELLFIGHTER.” — Kent Gowran, writer of nasty little stories and founder of Shotgun Honey.

“Wilbanks’s HELLFIGHTER has everything you could want in a fantasy tale … tavern wenches, black wizards, weird creatures and evil whelps. When […] Caddoc sets off on his journey, saddled with a priest and a boy who is not what he seems, things really go to Hell — literally! This tale is escapism at its finest. So sit back, pack yourself a pipe of Krellin headbash, and get ready for a wild ride!” — Christopher Fulbright, co-author of SCAVENGERS and SORROW CREEK

“David Wilbanks has written a two-fisted tale straight out of the Robert E. Howard Playbook. You want action, adventure, swordplay, and blood? HELLFIGHTER will satiate your appetite for all that and more.” — Bob Freeman, author of SHADOWS OVER SOMERSET, KEEPERS of the DEAD, and DESCENDANT


David T. Wilbanks is a writer, editor and publisher. He and Mark Justice write the DEAD EARTH series together which is on its second book, THE VENGEANCE ROAD, with a third forthcoming titled SANCTUARY. His latest release is HELLFIGHTER, an adventure fantasy e-book. David lives in Minnesota with his wife.