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Drake’s Coffin is a thrilling adventure tale featuring rich history, exotic locales, fascinating characters and rapid-fire action. Four hundred years ago the English adventurer Sir Francis Drake stole it from the Spanish and buried it in the jungles of Panama. Thirty years ago an unsuspecting group of teenage boys stumbled upon it in a night of violent death that would change their lives forever. Now, as adults, they’ve come back for Drake’s legendary lost treasure, in a race against time, old enemies and modern foes.

DRAKE’S COFFIN is available from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.


DRAKE’S COFFIN awards and nominations:  Finalist – Action/Adventure – Next Generation Indie Book Awards; Nominated – Best Thriller – Global eBook Awards; Nominated – Best -eBook Cover – Global eBook Awards.

“Urban’s debut novel [is] … fast-paced … real and intense … A coming-of-age story and a thrilling adventure rolled into one.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“DRAKE’S COFFIN is a highly well-written … adventure story that is packed with violence and high-paced action…. [t]his is one thrilling, readable story that readers will love. The plot proceeds with twists and turns, often unexpected, to the story’s end. The characters … are well-drawn and totally believable …. DRAKE’S COFFIN is a must read, to say the least!”
– Readers Favorite


Michael D. Urban was born outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He lives in New England.

DRAKE’S COFFIN is his first novel and the beginning of a planned series of several thrilling adventures featuring his Drake’s Coffin hero, Zach Colt.

Mike has lived and traveled extensively in Central America. He has worked in federal law enforcement and most recently has been a trial lawyer in private practice.

And yes, Mike did dive in search of Sir Francis Drake’s lead coffin, which has been resting for over 400 years somewhere on the ocean floor near the entrance to Portobelo Harbor, Panama.

He did not find it – yet.