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The Monet Murders is the second book in Jean Harrington’s Murders by Design Mystery Series. A cozy of 72,000 words, it is due for release in e-book and audio format by Carina Press, the electronic division of Harlequin, on June 11, 2012

Interior decorator Deva Dunne never dreamed she’d see a Monet hanging on someone’s dining room wall. Then she snags a client twith two Monet seascapes. Her thrill last until she finds one of the paintings missing, cut from its frame, and the cook shot dead

Rough-around-the edges, but gorgeous all-around Lieutenant Victor Rossi insists Deva leave the sleuthing to the police. But what could it hurt to come up with a list of suspects? Like the owner of the Monets, his trophy wife, and their frequent guests. Even the cook’s husband is suspect. Then Deva finds another victim clutching a very strange set of clues.

Desperate to save her business amid all the negative publicity, Deva helps Rossi investigate. And when he needs advice decorating his bedroom, she just might have found a client for life. Unless the killer gets to her first.

THE MONET MURDERS are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Carina Press.


For 17 years, Jean Harrington taught writing at Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts. Then she and husband Big John moved to Florida, and she’s been writing ever since. The first in her Murders by Design Mysteries, Designed for Death, was published in January in e-book and audio format. At year’s end it will also be released in print for Harlequin’s Worldwide Mystery Library. The second in the series, The Monet Murders, comes out as an e-book and audio in June. Currently working on the third story in her series, Jean is up to her knees in dead bodies and loving every minute of it.