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‘Secrets of the Cold War’ focuses on a dark period of a silent war and offers a new perspective on the struggle between the superpowers of the world told in the words of those who were there. The author, formerly an expert in counterintelligence in US Army Europe, weaves together exciting true accounts of allies collecting enemy information in the East and fighting spies and terrorist in the West.

Amassing Soviet military information by Allied agents in the East is at the forefront! Learn the bizarre method a British agent uses to obtain the muzzle size of a Russian tank as he risks his life jumping on a moving train in East Germany. A French officer drives into a Soviet tank column and escapes undiscovered by cunning methods. In West Germany, terrorist attacks and spies are rampant. Communists shoot a rocket propelled grenade into a General’s occupied limo and terrorists kidnap another General. From the espionage files, an American soldier is nearly recruited in a downtown bar to be a spy and a First Sergeant is lured by sex to be an unknowing participant in spying.

Behind-the-lines images are historic and intriguing. See photographs of a French officer and a Soviet officer relaxing in the East German woods in a temporary unofficial peace; ‘James Bond’ type cars with their light tricks and their ability to leave their Stasi shadows ‘wheel spinning’ in the snow will amaze readers.

SECRETS OF THE COLD WAR is available from Amazon.


-Retired four Star General Kroesen: of US Army Europe wrote the foreword and said: “Given the criticism, bad news and alleged malfeasances associated with our intelligence services during the past decade, it is most refreshing to find a book relating a far different story.”

-Francis Gary Powers, Jr: “Well written and informative, the book is a magnificent assessment of the Cold War history.”

-Scholarly Review: Dr. Rhonda Parker, Professor and Chair of Communication Studies at Samford University has reviewed some of the manuscript and stated: “…you do a good job of narrating history and my evaluation of these chapters is quite positive – you take me back to a place and time about which too little is known, which makes the information both valuable and intriguing. It’s just very, very strong. It’s ready. You’ve really got something here… Congratulations!”


Leland, his brother, father and mother (nurse) were all Army Officers.

Leland graduated from Mississippi State University in 1969 where he majored in communications, studied Military Science (and received some airborne training) and obtained his Army commission through ROTC as a Second Lieutenant in the Intelligence Corps. On active duty in 1969, he graduated from the combat arms tanker’s Armored Officers’ Basic Course; the Counterintelligence Special Agent’s Course and served at various locations in the US. Upon leaving active duty, he joined the US Civil Service and began working for the military in various intelligence jobs, starting as a GS-9 in 1973.

He served at our nation’s Military Headquarters, The Pentagon from 1973 to 1976. In 1979, he arrived in Heidelberg, Germany, and served 16 years at US Army Europe where he actively participated in the Cold War. He created several original programs to counter the Soviets. To thwart espionage, he appeared on several live and recorded segments of the European Armed Forces Network TV and Radio to discuss counterespionage strategies, both past and present.

He then retired as a GM-14 in 1995. At that time, he was the most senior Security Specialist in Europe. While overseas, he acquired a M. Ed. from Boston University.

After he retired from civil service, he taught speech at several local colleges. With his background in Security and Intelligence, he worked as a contract investigator for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) with 9/11 related duties.

He is now fully retired and resides with his wife, Charlotte, and rescued greyhound, Keener, in Alabama.