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Two years ago a woman was brutally murdered, her body burned until only ash and shattered bone remained. Police Sergeant Valerie Ryker solved that case, putting an undisputed monster Dixon Hess in prison for life, and becoming the first female police chief of her tiny Wisconsin town.

Then the original murder victim turns up in a frozen lake, all in one piece and only recently dead, and Val must enter a race against time. In only forty-eight hours, Hess will be set free, and he’s nursing one hell of a grudge. And Val, her town, and everyone she loves are at the top of his list.

But surviving Hess’s vengeance is only part of her dilemma. For there’s another killer in Lake Loyal. One who may be closer to Val than she thinks…

A page-turning thriller of police procedure, passion, and revenge, PUSHED TOO FAR is approximately 65,000 words long.

PUSHED TOO FAR is available from Amazon.


“If you’re a fan of Tess Gerritsen, James Patterson, or Kathy Reichs, don’t even hesitate. Filled with nail-gnawing suspense, dark mystery, and even a dash of sexy romance, PUSHED TOO FAR qualifies for Thriller of the Year.” – J.A. Konrath, author of SHAKEN

“As a reader, there is nothing I love more than the chill of a cold, atmospheric thriller. It’s why I’ve seen the film FARGO and read Scott B. Smith’s classic A SIMPLE PLAN more times than I care to admit. It’s the icy claustrophobia of the small-town Midwest in the dead of winter, that when channeled right, makes for something special–the best crime fiction in the world.

This standalone novel by Ann Voss Peterson, PUSHED TOO FAR, is that kind of special, and its heroine, Val Ryker, Chief of Police of tiny Lake Loyal, Wisconsin, is one for the ages. When the victim of a prior murder that rocked the village inexplicably turns up, the man incarcerated for her killing, an undisputed monster, is released from prison with a hell of a grudge, intent on holding Ryker and everything she loves to the fire.

PUSHED TO FAR is not only a first-rate thriller, not only a police-procedural written with absolute authority by a writer who knows her stuff, but most of all, most importantly, it’s a portrait of Police Chief Ryker, a woman of extraordinary courage who is pushed beyond her breaking point.

Good thrillers put their characters through the wringer. Great ones rain down holy hell upon their heads–physically, emotionally, psychologically–and aren’t satisfied until the reader is spent, exhilarated, terrified, and lavishly entertained.

This is a great thriller, and with it, Peterson has firmly established herself as a major league talent and a must-read writer.” -Blake Crouch, March 2012


A Rita Award nominee and Daphne du Maurier Award winner, Ann Voss Peterson has written 25 romantic suspense novels for Harlequin Intrigue, and now writes thrillers on her own and Codename: Chandler spy thrillers with J.A. Konrath for Thomas & Mercer. This English-creative writing major worked as a bartender, a horse show groom and a professional window washer before publishing her first novel. She has over three million books in print all over the world. Ann lives in Wisconsin with her family.