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London. July 2012. The British capital prepares for the greatest show in its history – the Olympic Games.

Alex Marden and Jack Rogan, operatives for Unit Five, NATO’s Black Ops specialists, have been working undercover to secure the Games against a lethal terror group plotting to destroy the spectacle.

Jack uncovers a conspiracy – a sleeper insider the security team who is working with the terrorists to release a deadly nerve gas inside the Stadium itself.

But no one in the security services will listen to him.

With hours to go before the Olympics opens, Jack and Alex go rogue – working solo to prevent an attack that would kill the 80,000 spectators as well as the world leaders gathered in the Stadium for the Opening Ceremony.

Soon their own lives are on the line in a deadly race against time – in which no one can be trusted.

Black Ops: Olympics is the third in Matt Lynn’s brilliant series of action-adventure thrillers ripped straight from the headlines.

BLACK OPS: OLYMPICS is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.


Matt Lynn’s books have been widely praised:

‘I was anticipating a good time and I wasn’t disappointed. A cracking action thriller. You can taste the dust and smell the blood’

(Daily Express )

‘Matt Lynn’s novel is up there with the finest that Andy McNab or Chris Ryan have ever penned’

(News of the World )

‘Brilliant, realistic and riveting; blistering front-line action’

(Chris Ryan )

“If you’re a fan of modern military thrillers you’re going to have fun with anything Matt Lynn writes…”

(The Northern Echo)

“For teenage boys or simply for those men who don’t want to grow up, Shadow Force is a cracking read. Intellectually stimulating it ain’t; fantastic fun it most certainly is.”

(ABC Brisbane)

‘This is a fast-paced and well-told tale of derring-do that guarantees entertainment.”

(City AM)


Matt Lynn is the author of the best-selling Death Force series of adventure thrillers, including Death Force, Fire Force, Shadow Force and Ice Force.